Wool & Weavers in 17th Century Wiltshire

18th January 2017

My earliest proven ancestor John Thornton born 1651 of Netton . Update: No such record can be found but thornton / ThornEtons have been found in the nearby  Bourne Valley in the village records of the Winterbournes, these lines have since been connected . He was church warden of All Saints Durrington his grave marker can be found adjacent to the church. The parish registers, dating from 1591, other than those in current use, are held in the Wiltshire Family History Society.

All Saints Durrington Wilts.

It is reasonable to conclude that he was a noteable in the parish, by both his position in the church and a having a headstone erected. His occupation is recorded as a weaver, as was his son Edward who probably inherited his father’s loom.

The wool trade the major portion of Wiltshire’s economy and wealth from earlier times . In the 17th Century

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