The MAJOR & The Bucket Sweeper Project

13th Oct. 2016

Major 8 ft Bucket sweeper working on a JCB Telehandler

Just had a visit from a friend that I met in 1968 while working at Western Star Trucks, Kelowna. We have shared much since those halcyon days .

Later I worked in the field as sales rep for “The Major” in Western US and Canada . During that time there was much talk by those responsible for road maintenance to be more environmentally sensitive about how they dealt with road sweeping . It being then considered inappropriate to simply sweep debris off into the ditches , drains or watercourses .

With that brief the Major, a specialist manufacturer of attachments for construction equipment set out to build a “Better Sweeeper”. One that was an improvement over the existing commonly used Open Broom .

The aforesaid friend , Tony Hagger owned The Major, and for this he was the leader the design team . I became directly involved in field trials and demonstrations .

To further promote the concept I shot movies of these and used my video equipment to create promotional Video CD’s of these demos  for distribution to dealers and potential customers or State Highway departments.

Cleaning out a cabinet recently I found copies and decided to post them on YouTube .

Fourteen years on I don’t think it has been widely adopted, in fact The Major seems to have disappeared 🙁


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