S l o w !- Escapism in a racing digital world

5 th Oct 2016

Nice and  S  l  o  w  & Easy does it !

The current enthusiastic embracing of “S L O W  TV” by the England’s populous was highlighted when 800,000 tuned in to watch a 2hr , 38 mile journey aboard the Northern Dalesman through the Yorkshire Dales on a Sunday evening. This is 1 in 60 and 20% of those over age 65.

This follows an amazing response to recent films of a similar nature ” Sleigh Ride ” made following a Simi Herder walking with a Reindeer sleigh across the Arctic Circle. Later a 2 hour canal boat journey was filmed in real time on the Avon-Kennet Canal . There is no commentary to these films, nor music in the background ,just the eerie near silence of the scene drifting by.

A Brit magazine summed it up with , “Viewers who find the pace of modern life a little too frenetic may seek solace on BBC4 as it embraces the concept of “slow TV”.
A two-hour canal trip down one of Britain’s historic waterways, an hour of uninterrupted birdsong and a close-up, real-time examination of the making of a glass jug are among the “deliberately unhurried” programes beginning on BBC4 on Sunday.
The season of programmes is intended as an antidote to the digital age, reflecting a recent Scandinavian TV phenomenon that can be traced back to the earliest days of film.” 


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