Learning piano – Its all in the head with this guy !

3rd March 2017

I happened across Danthecomposer a few weeks ago and felt that his philosophical approach to playing the piano, although very different, had a lot of merit and deserved investigating. Here is an about link:   https://www.youtube.com/user/danthecomposer/about

I have watched his first 4 of his 10 videos and am now practicing according to his suggestion, briefly several times a day to implant the mind to fingers memory needed  . I have to say this has changed not just my playing, but perhaps more importantly, my feeling for the piano and what I am able to create .

Here is link to the suite of videos:

His idea is to quickly create the freedom and confidence to be able to play across the entire keyboard with fluidity and without sheet music – amazingly it works!

For those wanting to take this to the next level he continues with a series on playing Jazz piano;


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