Is the Media playing for the Terrorists – THINK!

23 Mar 2017

Yesterday terror was inflicted upon London by one man seemingly acting alone. . This kind of event has become increasingly common but stop and ask why this is ? .
I feel that the media including the BBC has become “sensational” . The BBC broadcast continuously for over 24 hours the video footage repeatedly of this 20 minute event . This serves to give the assailant a victory to the cause amplified thousands of times over and above its merit. Yes, report it as a fact, but do not dramatise it. Saturation broadcasting these atrocities is not in the best public interest and serves the very people we are trying to eradicate for their extremist views.

The terrorist’s power lies in the ability to instill fear and terrorise in society . The way we choose to cover their assaults on our society either promotes their cause or dulls the impact . So let’s begin to campaign to defeat them and refuse to play their game by minimising their ability to get us to promote and recruit to their sick cause.

By reporting in this manner the lives of those who were killed or injured are devalued , that is wrong, very WRONG !

Teen suicide is no longer reported Front Page because it was soon notice that there was a noticeable rise in teen suicides, copy cat events , when reported in this manner , a practice which has now been discontinued.

So shall we learn and apply a similar strategy as one answer the the terrorist threat ?


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