Begining Late – An Adventure in Music

6th Mar 2013
“It is never too late!”  the old saying goes.

From when in my youth I hung out with a bunch of jazz musicians I have always enjoyed  musical experience . The Gamut runs from Opera to Folk. In the early ’70’s I tried learning guitar but it always sounded mechanical like an organ grinder. More recently when laid up for a month following surgery I tried again, this time, the harmonica but again I stumbled.

In an earlier blog I included my experience at the Victoria Cancer Clinic which gave light to my current adventure. There we enjoyed in our company a guitarist and two pianists along with several residents with good voice and memory of old show songs.

First I borrowed an electronic midi keyboard which played via the MacBook Pro. I tinkered with this for a few weeks before deciding that a real keyboard would be a good excuse for my wife to buy me a Christmas present 🙂 . A Yamaha PSR E433 and several teach-yourself- keyboard books were purchased . Over the next 6 weeks or so I made encouraging progress to being able to play simple melodies. Next I sought out a piano teacher who suited to my needs which were to be able to play a range of old show stopper songs. The modern digital keyboard has the ability if required to play simplified LH cords using only one or two fingers. This appeared to simplify the learning process and speed up progress.

However, my music teacher said that in her experience students who learn on a keyboard do not play well when at a piano because the keys of a keyboard are sprung while the piano’s are weighted and progressively heavier from high notes to low notes. This gives a very different and greater feeling to playing the piano . After researching this and the available options I traded in the PSR for a DGX with a touch sensitive GHS ( Graded Hammer Standard )weighted keyboard AND the 500 voices of the PSR = the best of both worlds without too much added expense. I love this keyboard and enjoy the enhanced feeling I can inject into my playing.

Link to making a REAL stand for the DGX 640 –

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