ISP’s – Getting More for Less !

27th Sept. 2016

Yesterday I switched my ISP from a Mr. BIG (Shaw Cable ) to A. Minor    with amazing results .

This action was triggered by my need to upload a 17 min video last weekend . My Shaw Cable service was 15 mbs had 0.5 mbs upload speed @ a cost of over $66/mo . This video took all weekend to upload 🙁 .

I spoke with a Shaw loyalty agent over the weekend asking if they could offer me : 1) better $ deal , and 2)  a faster upload speed = NO not unless I upgrade my service to $79/mo .

Having already established that Lightspeed offered the equivalent speed for
$45/mo. I signed up on Monday morning with Erica .

I received the modem on Friday and completed the installation on the following Monday . No fuss no Hassle & Excellent support from Mark !

I now have a terrific fast internet access .
I am an “Ecstatic Customer”

Thanks Lightspeed !   🙂

Broken Biscuits

16th Sept. 2016

Get your paws off my bicuits !

Open a packet of disappointment

I went to school in at St. Peter’s RC .Winchester in 1950’s around the corner was a tuck-shop which for a ha’penny would sell you as a snack a small bag of broken biscuits .
Biscuits at that time were packed in tins about the size of a 12″ cube the few broken ones were accumulated for resale.

I still like a biscuit with a cuppa , my favorite is McVites Digestive . However, these have suffered considerable degradation over time . First they replaced the real Dark Chocolate with some form of sweet plastic “Yuck” with no resemblance of cocoa present. Henceforth then only Plain Digestives !

But more recently someone has either tinkered with the recipe, the process or the shipping because it is now not possible to buy a packet of which 1/3 of the contents are not either broken or cracked in half . Sadly they are 100 times more costly than ha’penny .


VW acquire % of Navistar this week.

6 th Sept 2016.

Chinese Manufactured – CNHTC

This announcement today sounds like the death bell tolling for the American owned HD Truck manufacturing.

VW is not what most in North America think of as a compact car manufacturer .
It is a massive vehicle manufacturer, clearly with ambitions on the world stage. It owns the following HD Truck makers Scania,  MAN ,  and Mack and now a good chunk of Navistar ( International Harvester ) .

Japanese Brand Nissan is better known around the world

North America’s biggest truck producer is Daimler/ Mercedes Benz , who own Freightliner and Western Star  they dominate the Class 8 world market. Only Paccar who produce Kenworth and Peterbilt and in Europe they own DAF & Leyland are American owned . The Rest are foreign owned , Volvo Trucks ( acquired White Motor Corp ) to achieve a foothold in US . Mack now owned by Scania a division  of VW above .

The future of the truck-transport industry is severely challenged with meeting scheduled emission standards around the world over the next 15 years . This puts the focus on Drive Train efficiency like never before . Research and development in this is extremely expensive with few and fewer able to participate. To date alternate fuels have not offered the efficiency or benefits to compete with the “Optimized Diesel Engines ” which offers the best long term Cost-Benefit ratio.

Truck market worldwide 2010


Largest truck manufacturers in the world as of 2010.[24]
Pos. Make Units
1 Daimler AG (Mercedes-BenzFreightliner TrucksSterling TrucksUnimogWestern Star,FusoBharatBenz) 478,535
[citation needed]
2 Volvo Group (VolvoMackRenaultUD Nissan Diesel) 438,954
[citation needed]
3 Dongfeng Motor 341,875
4 Volkswagen Group (ScaniaVolkswagen Commercial VehiclesMAN) 203,102
5 Tata Group (Tata MotorsDaewoo Commercial Vehicle) 159,237
6 Hyundai Kia Automotive Group (Hyundai) 157,781
[citation needed]
7 Toyota Group (Hino MotorsIsuzu) 129,107
8 Fiat Group (IvecoMagirusAstraSeddon AtkinsonYuejin) 127,542
9 PACCAR (DAF TrucksKenworthPeterbilt,Leyland Trucks) 126,960

Hence we are sure to see further acquisitions or partnerships created to meet these standards for the diesel engines of the future.

Another Chinese Producer

India and China generally employ less than Class 8 trucks with lower power units and are who far more lax in their emission requirements .  Numerically then  they use more smaller trucks which they manufacturer these locally but these manufactures have an astounding economy of scale with reduced costs  ( a Chinese built truck may 1/3 the cost of an import in the same class) . This suggests that they will become international brands in the future. Much as did the Japanese and Korean manufacturers of passenger vehicles develope their products to snatch a significant portion of the world market .


A Grand Day Out & A Train Robbery

19th Aug 2016

Bowmont Gang !

My step son and his family from Southport UK were joined by their aunty Sarah from Wisconsin and presented an opportunity for a Grand Day Out .

Nearby Port Albernie is home to two unique attractions , one being the National Historic Site – Mc Lean;s Mill –   which can be reached via a 1/2 hour Steam Train ride on No7 . Also close by at Sproat Lake is the present home of The Mars Water Bomber owned and operated by Coulson Flying Tankers –

Here is link to my record of the adventure – the kids loved it 🙂