BrExit or NOT ?

June 7 th 2016

The 23 rd of June is certainly the most important day on the English calendar.
The upcoming referendum will empower the electorate to reclaim their self determination or continue down the path of relinquishment of their national identity.

BrExit the Movie –

I have just watched this moving 1 hour & 11 minute documentary supporting the exit.  I see this referendum a defining moment in the British history i.e
“Do the Brits have what it takes to stand up and be proud of their history ?”

By rejecting the dictatorship handed down by an unelected and unaccountable form of governance in Brussels . Instead vote in favour of self determination , self expression, deregulation and the growth entrepreneurialism enabling them to be part  of a truly proud GREAT BRITAIN again for their future generations.

Choose wisely my friends !