Video -RC Sailing – IMO – Vancouver Island – Port Alberni

22 nd April 2016

This is an introduction to RC Sailing on Vancouver Island.

A series of 5 races called the Coast Series which is held annually here.
This event last weekend was the 2 nd regatta of 2016 held in Port Alberni.

Here is the link to a 26 min Video covering the event:

My local group meet at Long Lake – Long Lake Inn ,  Nanaimo usually on a Friday morning ( weather dependent ) for a dozen or so races. Drop by to watch or join the fun .

tomt –

Speed-Up your video uploads to youtube etc

21st April 2016

Uploading longer videos to YouTube can be a L o n g  l o n g and frustrating process . For Mac users there is a solution . Convert your .mov output to mp4  for example my quicktime .mov of 25 GB upload time 6000+ minutes was converted to mp4 of 2.13 GB upload time 300 minutes :-).
The quality remains unchanged .

To achieve this you need to install a FREE video conversion tool ” Handbrake ”   here and use it to convert the file about in 11minutes before uploading to YouTube in the usual way .

More info found here :

There, that should put a smile back on your face (:-)


RV- Trail Lite 17 Cabinet improvements .

21st April 2016

Last fall we sold the Boler and purchased our 2nd Trail Lite 17. The kitchen cabinetry layout is economic and inefficient in using the space under the stove.

Taking a closer look I realized that by removing the two doors and making deep drawers on proper slides we could more than double the useful space and improve the access. Closer examination showed the opportunity to put a 31/2″ deep drawer immediately under the stove for cutlery etc.

The results are best illustrated with the pictures below.
The drawer dimensions are :
Lower – 24″ w x 12″h x 18″ deep.
Middle – 24″ w x 10 3/4″h x 18″ deep.
Top – 18″ w x 3 1/2″ h x 18″ deep

The lower drawer is stepped to clear the wheel arch and also has a sliding drawer insert approx. 23″ w x 4″ h x 9″ deep.



The Sound of Cinema – Neil Bland – BBC iPlayer

6 th April 2016

This is for you if you share my love of “Film Video & Music”

Currently available on BBC iPlayer is 3 x 1 hour documentary by Neil Bland on Music in the film industry – It is a fabulous enlightening story.

Here is a link :

NOTE ::: If you are outside ok the UK you will need to use a VPN or use Get iPlayer Automator on a Mac to download it .

Here is how :

Hurrry ! beforeit expires 🙂


Apple Warranty – MacbookPro late 2012 :) Ecstatic Customer II

6th April 2016

My Nov -2012 – 15″ MacBookPro recently developed a glitch, which suggested the video board was failing . Symptoms being broken up display and crashes and where a reboot returned things to normal for while .

Finally it would not reboot – I took it to my nearest Mac Service Center – London Drugs @ Rurhterford Nanaimo. Jason examined it and told me the video card was in fact fried but as it was an integral part of the Mother board he would have replace that 🙂 $ 650 Cdn. plus installation.

I chose initially to not repair but to buy a new MacMini  since I have a Mac mini Server version that has done me well . However, on getting Apples current entry model I was extremely disappointed and returned the MM .

I then asked Jason their Apple Tech to rebuild the MBP with a new Motherboard .

When I was called to be told it was done and ready for pickup Jason said that Apple Factory Service had covered the replacement new mother board cost and I was charged only LD minimum service charge of $40 Cdn. for all the work and set up.

Therefore I strongly recommend London Drugs to take care of all yours and mine Apple product Products and Services

Beat that !!!!