Mac Yosemite – Moving the home folder to a 2nd Drive – Simplified !

23 Dec 2015

My Mac mini was purchased as a server version with 2nd 1Tb internal HDD.  I have been using the 2nd 1 TB drive as the BU for the Mac HD. using TimeMachine.
Currently I am running Yosemite 10.10.5 – El Capitan looks to be too probematical with many apps including FinalCutProX
I do a lot of video work so having plenty of free HDD space is important for smooth running .

My user folder has grown to around 300GB which caused me concern about having enough free space for the system to run efficiently.

I decided that I should clean off the 2nd drive and move my users folder there creating plenty of additional space on the main drive ( System )

When I went to the web seeking tutorial guides to do this they all used “terminal” .  I am not comfortable using code so opted to take it to a local Mac dealer ” My Tech Guys ” in Courtney .  Big mistake – They said they knew how to do this but after 2 days the told me that they had run into problems and needed to do a clean reinstall and try again . I received the Mini back today and it was in the same state as when it left but with $150 invoice attached 🙁
They have not been in the least apologetic or willing to reimburse me for the extra charges . Needless to say I will not be returning there !

I scanned the web again and found this tutorial :

This is a very simple and easy to follow process but first make sure you make a current back-up before you start – Just in case 🙂

This worked perfectly form me and took less than 10 mins of actually sitting at the computer. I now have 400GB of headroom on the Mac HD System Drive.

Happy U Near 2016

30th Dec 2015


Bang! there goes another one !

I have compiled a VBlog to convey our best wishes to friends and family.

Here is link to it :

For all those who sent newsy letters and sent cards for christmas we thank you all .
This is my way of sharing a year in our lives with you .

Wishing you all a very Happy and healthy 2016

Did you spot Dian on the kite board I bought her for Christmas – ?

Tom and Dian

How to get Clear Clean sound from Yamaha DGX 640

19th Dec. 2015

I have owned my Yamaha DGX-640 for about 2 years . For much of that time I have been trying to resolve some weird base sounds when the ACMP is turned on . today while nurdling around I noticed that the “Style” volume was at 75% . When I turned it down ti Zero the noises were eliminated. Sinve I do not use the “Styles” facility I went through all my bank settings and reset the “Style” volumes to “0”

Now my playing sound much better and I am happy with the output quality.
I hope this helps others  as there is no help in the Yamaha manual.


Economical Printing – Lower your per page ¢

15 th Dec. 2015

Update april 2017

Updated 3 Mar 2016
Resetting the page counter when low toner is indicated on the panel :;postID=4650195164236464938;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=0;src=link

1/2¢ per page black and 0.5¢ for colour


I have been having issues with printer supply costs and have now arrived at a satisfactory solution.

Previously when I switched from inkjet to laser for colour printing on the promise of lower supply input costs . For that I chose a Samsung multipurpose machine which used round toner cartridges. The original cartridges are costly and refilled ones seemed to be short lived, maybe because with Samsung’s system most of the toner finished up in the waste toner collector .

After switching back to Inkjet with an on special HP Multifunction was bought but even with Costco HP refill program this too was eating cartridges all too frequently.

I long ago switched to Laser Monocolour with a Brother HL-2270DW which is both very economical on toner ( InkOwl refills last approx 1 year per refill @ $13 for 2600 pages  = 0.5¢/page) .  Based on this I began researching the currently available colour lasers with two criterior in mind – 1 long duty cycle and low colour cost per page .  The Brother MFC- 9340 multifuntion was highly rated and so purchased with a 3 year replacement warranty with a $150 discount @ Staples for $349 .

It was fairly easy to set up on my Apple systems except the supplied CD with drivers was way out of date. But the correct ones for Yosemite were found at Brother support and installed.

InkOwl also offer toner kits for this model @ $ 70 which claim a same as original output of 1400 colour pages = 5¢/page


My WET WET Coast Bird Feeder

3rd Dec 2015

WET WET Coast Bird Feeder

My WET WET Coast Bird Feeder

The wind driven rain that rips up the Strait of Georgia and the Salish Sea in our WET season during November and December soaks the birds feed . The result is the soggy seed soon goes moldy and fungus may be toxic to the birds.  This means that one has to throw away the contents of the feeder very frequently and what follows is a not so pleasant messy business cleaning and sterilizing the feeder.

Thus far none of the commercial feeders have provided adequate protection against the elements. So I decided to try a few ideas of my own .

Here is the result mostly in picture form.

My design stars with a decent size tray 19″ square with a 6″ square hole in the middle.

The hopper has sloping sides and has a sloped top on which the roof cover is mounted. Inside the hopper is a mounted a rod to support the mesh sloping floor.
The purpose of this is to provide an opportunity for air to circulate helping to reduce the humidity in the hopper.

Sloped mesh floor – window screen


Many Drain Holes

Plexiglass panels were used for the two feed slot sides siitting on St.St screws to  facilitate adjusting the openings.

The roof/cover is relatively huge @ 30″ x 30″ 5 sided – point at the peak and made from twin wall polycarbonate the I had left over from the conservatory roof project. To provide an easy filling water proof access I used a 5″ dia screw top plastic pot with bottom removed and glued in place.

All the wood has been liberally coated with clear epoxy resin for weather proofing.

I have a 5ft tall 6″ x 6″ cedar post on which to mount the feeder which I intend to carve to add a decorative element to our Back-Beach garden 🙂


Not tested yet but will add more next month 🙂