OLD Video Tapes – Digitizing with Roxio Capture USB – Software for Mac Download

Sunday October 18th 2015

I was tasked with rescuing 20 Video8 tapes recorded during the ’80’s. A friend loaned me a USB Roxie Capture device , but had misplaced the software Mac 🙁

The process here is to create a digital copy of the original tapes and then edit them into individual movies using iMovie then export them to DVD’s for distribution with either Toast or iDVD

I have Roxie Toast Titanium 11 but surprisingly it did not recognize the device .
After weeks of searching I found a response to a similar situation with a download link for the software here :


Two versions are available for download both worked perfectly for me 🙂

Since this software is so difficult to find, I thought it a good idea to spread the word 🙂

Happy digitizing