Google Play Books – Unfair Play ?

25th June 2015

This week I purchased an electronic copy of a book from Google Play Books titled “The Lean Forward Moment” by Norman Hollyn . I used my Mac Mini desktop for this and having selected to link provided by Play Books in an email it was added to my Google books . So far so good !

Within Google Play – My Books is an almost invisible icon ( 3 liitle grey dots ) which if clicked open up a menu of actions including “download this book “. However, for this particular book no such action was available 🙁

I contacted Google support and was told that for this particular book Downloading was prohibited by the publisher. I complained that I should have been advised of this prior to completing the purchase as I would not have completed the purchase and so requested a refund.

Credit to Google Support agreed to this immediately.

This serves to remind us all of the problems surrounding DRM which essentially means you do not own the material purchased, only permission to access it –

Buyer beware !!!!!!