SpeedShifter & Amazing Slower Downer – Music playing Aids

24th May 2015


Learning to play piano keyboard with aged mind and fingers is a challenge I enjoy. I have been advised by several teachers to learn each piece by playing Veeery Slooooowly . 

First the right hand melody and then the left hand chords separately before trying to play them together. Others have sugested playing along with a recording of the song. The problem with the latter is slowing down the recording to a speed which I can play with initially meaning Keep up with :()

I have found two pieces of software that can do this on my Mac :

Amazing Slower Downer – http://www.ronimusic.com/index.html

ABRSM Speedshifter – http://ca.abrsm.org/en/exam-support/practice-tools-and-applications/speedshifter/

The 2nd one is free and for me the better of the two .

Let me know what you think of them.

New Music Discovery – Dexter Britain

10th May 2015

“Herring Spawn 2015 “


Denman Island –
Vancouver Island BC.

By Carol Hunter :

Recently a friend shared this video. I was particularly taked by the background music which was composed and created by Dexter Britain.

Further research revealed that much of his beautiful work can be heard and downloaded from SoundCloud.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂



Fire & Ice 2015 – Qualicum Beach Vancouver Island BC

7th May 2015

Our Fire and Ice Street Festival combines a Chilli Cook off with an Ice Sculpting competition. Large crouds are drawn to strolling the streets of Qualicum to enjoy samples of the many chillis offered by local groups and watch the sculptors craft their artworks to the sound of local musicians.

Here is a link to my video which captures the vibrant atmoshere of the day


Enjoy !