Meat Carving Board with Spiked Trivet

Meat Carving Plater with Spiked Trivet

Necessity, the Mother of invention !

I have for years been frustrated when carving the roast joint or bird by defects in various carving boards.

Removable Trivet for Cleaning

Those being :

  •  Poor anchorage for the meat.
  • Inadequate reservoir for the exuding juices.
  • Spikes which are steel and destroy a keen knife edge.

I recently applied some thought to these issues and came up with this idea. It needs further refinement and in particular redesigning to make it easier to make with basic shop tools.
Maybe along the lines of the box here :

I started with  a nice 2″ thick piece of Red Alder 14″ long x 12″ wide
Which was re-sawn in half ( but you might have a couple of 1″ thick boards)

Underside of Trivet
Recessed Underside of  Board

The trivet piece was re sized to 10″ square. Next I laid out the dado cuts on each side.These were set at opposing 45 degrees so as to preclude warping. Which would be likely if made directly along and across grain. The Dado’s being cut to slightly greater that 1/2 the board thickness to create the trivet with drain holes at the intersects.

The Tray was machined with router bits on the Shopsmith in the overhead router config. A 1/2″ deep 10″ square on the top side to accept the finished trivet.  A similar recess was routed on the underside to ensure that the tray would sit firmly on it perimeter. Finger grips machined central on each end.

I found 1″ copper nails used for boat and canoe making to be a good softish spike material  and inserted them from the underside of the trivet  with a spot of CA  to retain them.

Much sanding and a couple of coats of Food Safe Mineral Oil from the pharmacy to finish. ( re-coat as & when necessary )