Hospice Training – Recording Oral Histories .

2nd May 2013

This became a natural extension of the Elder Collage course I took last fall on recording oral histories.  I offered Oceanside Hospice Society the opportunity to have someone to record oral histories for people at near end of life.  A requirement for working with vulnerable people such as Hospice clients is to obtain RCMP clearance and by take the training course run annually.
I am now in week three and enjoying the process – opening up and exercising the other side of my brain 🙂

Having completed the training I have connected with several elderly people in the community who wish to record their own story. I am doing this in video format so as to avoid the tedium of being involved in all that typing and proof reading 🙁

I shoot a head & shoulders ( news reader style) and through the magic of Final Cut Pro X Apple’s NL editing software I can overlay this footage with additional images that I can capture of the client’s memorabilia such as photos or photos of objects described .

Concurrently within the Oceanside Hospice Society is a “Before I Die ” http://beforeidie.cc – project , which will see two board locations set up one in Qualicum on the Beach and  the other at the Boardwalk in Parksville tomorrow. I am making a video recording of the week long event .
Before I Die Video link –

3rd Lease of Life

I was 49 when I had my first heart attack. On being discharged from St. Paul’s Vancouver my cardiologist John Web told Dian, my wife, that hopefully developments in medicine would stay ahead of me. 23 years on this has come to pass. Over the past six months symptoms of Chronic Heart Failure were evident. I January I was enrolled in the Victoria Jubilee  Heart Function Clinic run by Dr Swiggum.This week I had a consultation with her and 3 hrs of careful analysis resulted in a plan to sequence tests before intervention . Beginning with a medication changes.

This will be followed by :

  • Angiogram
  • Nuclear Medicine scan of the heart
  • MRI
  • Pending on results and analysis
  • ICD
  • Fix leaking valve
  • Stint or by-pass

If all goes to plan I will have a significant new least of life:)