Internet TV – Macbook Mirroring to Apple TV

Sunday 16th Sept. 2012

Fall is here !. Thoughts turn to indoor pursuits over the coming months.
Here I discuss recent developments with Internet TV which I receive via Astrill VPN.
As per my earlier blog on this topic ” Ecstatic Customer”;postID=7532250196280568962
My MacBookPro was hard wired to the TV via HDMI. I have added an Apple TV ver3 ($109) to the set up.
Mac OSx 10.7 and later introduced a mirroring feature. This means that via the Apple TV whatever is on the MBP screen is mirrored wirelessly to the TV anywhere within the range of my wireless router. Neat Eh! Thus you are not limited to what Apple would like to sell you but with a VPN service set up you can watch on your big screen TV anything you can access on the web. This is, I believe, the future of TV and the demise of traditional suppliers cable networks etc.

Getting the Apple TV was not as simple as the salesman at Best Buy implied he frankly did not understand my requirement 🙁

Connecting and setting up the Apple TV for use as Apple intended is described in the mini manual included. However, using the Apple remote to input data is OK if you are texter perhaps. I found dodging around the on screen keypad  a rectal pain Grrrrrrrrrrr! You have input your Apple ID and your wireless routers security password. No clue is provided on how you get to the “Submit” box. I had to Google the question and found that you you keep clicking the right arrow until in ” Submit ” light up 🙁 not at all intuitive Mr. Apple !
OK now you have access to the services that Apple offer over the web either hard wired or wirelessly as above.

Now to set up Mirroring – Here is a very complete tutorial –

After my initial wireless set up I had some lag and loss resolution & pixelation at the TV.  However, by moving my wireless router , from down  in behind the computer desk to a high shelf nearby the transmission was perfect  Blazing full HD 🙂

You may like to check out Livestation – as a potential source for international news sources.

Now you really do have the world at your fingertips !

‘Till soon TomT