Wood Turning Gouge Grinding Jigs – Shop built

Being able to consistently grind your gouges to your preffered profile ensures maximum life of these tools.
Yesterday a fellow turner came by my shop and this topic came up. I showed him the jig that I adapted from Brian Clifford’s Design : http://www.turningtools.co.uk/widgets/grindingjig/grindjig.html.
Below are pictures showing the alteration using a 5/16″ dia pushrod from an old car engine instead of the fancy articulating leg on the original.


A one inch grid will help you scale off dimensions
They are not critical 🙂




Note: Although the photos above show the pushrood forward you can insert your gouge from the other side to effect a change of radius which will alter theangle ground .





Harry Potter Wands

The Harry Potter books have certainly caught the attention of young readers around the world. I am sure there must be hundreds of thousands of school children who have advanced their education significantly by reading these seven books.
My grandchildren range in age from 6 to 14. The younger ones are just coming to an age where reading these books will be possible and perhaps inspiring. I spent a few hours this week in my shop selecting from my accumulation of small size stock of specialty wood,eight sticks, which might turn out to make good looking wands.
These I turned on my lathe, a Shopsmith. The three with square grips had details added using the router.
Finished to 400 grit and Briwax applied for a fine soft lustre.
Their Mothers have been instructed to choose the most powerful ones in order to retain proper overall domestic control!

HP Wands


Ecstatic Customers !

Ex-Pats around the world often long for something from their homeland. It might be a food or a fovourite condiment, a drink or as in my case quality television programing. I emigrated from Great Britain in 1967 and like most Brits have missed  the humour, documentaries and drama programing which has set the BBC apart from all other broadcasters.
For many years now the only TV entertainment programing that interested us was recycled Brit programing on PBS and Knowledge Network. This has now changed.  Internet access speeds are now capable of sustained video streaming. I recently happened upon NetglobalTV a start-up Canadian business which provides the hardware and software to facilitate direct access to both BBC & ITV programing using their respective  iPlayers.

How does it work?:

  • The software connects via the Internet to one of 4 servers they have in UK. The broadcaster assumes you to be connecting from within the British Isles.
  • NetGrobal and their partner Astrill also have servers in just about every other country too 🙂 Take your pick !

What you need !:

  • A hi-speed Internet connection,
  • A reasonably fast computer
  • An Astrill account and to
  • To install BBC iPlayer Desktop.

NetGlobal TV can also supply you with a special wireless router which will broadcast the incoming TV signal to a wireless device such as Apple TV – PS3 – WII etc which is connected to your TV.

My set-up:

  • This is slightly different because I happen to have an Ethernet T100 from my computer station to my media room. 35 feet away.
  • The T100 to the media room is plugged into my router
  • In the media room I connect the T100 from the wall to my Mac Book Pro laptop
  • To the Thunderbolt media output on the Mac in connect a media adapter and from that adapter a HDMI cable to one of the available HDMI  TV inputs. QED 🙂

Watching live and saving programs:


  • I will now describe how to use BBC iPlayer to get you started.
  • Firstly, you can watch live broadcasting directly from BBC –http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/tv
  • However, the 8 hour time shift is problematic. So I suggest that you also install the free BBC iPlayer Desktop – http://iplayerhelp.external.bbc.co.uk/help/where_to_get_iplayer
  • This enables you to download and save programing for 30 days . There are choices of format to save-as – iPlayer  or .wmv formats. Also there is a Series save option which automatically saves all forthcoming programs in the series.
  • Some programs are also available in HD

My experience in dealing with Netglobal TV – http://www.netglobaltv.com and Steve Greening was extraordinary in that he was so helpful and even provided a free months access for me to see for myself how well this system works.

I am ” Ecstatic Customer “