An Elegant & Portable Book Rest

The need for this arose when my wife bought a copy of the book  “Harry Potter Page to Screen” and found it far to heavy to hold while reading at 7lbs 6 oz. This design evolved from looking at ATLAS and adapting their Ultra to my needs.
I chose to use 3/8″ Baltic birch plywood for its strength to weight ratio.

The only real challenge was the three slots angled at 15 -30 -& 45 degrees in the 12″ sq. base.
I have a Shopsmith which enables me to set up and do angled  routing.
Alternatively I think it possible to get the same outcome by routing straight slots and either beveling the sides or use a suitable round over bit. Be sure make a few test cuts on scrap material !

The Base is 12″ square
Back rest is 14″ wide x 16″ tall
The book support is 3″ x 16″ long

The unit slips apart and can be carried in a bag or brief case making it perfect for travelling lecturers and speakers or musicians

15 Degree slot
30 Degree position


45 Degree position


No back stop needed


 4 wooden toy wheels, 1 1/2″ dia for feet


Tung Oil and a soft Beeswax lustre – She Loves it 🙂


Australia & New Zealand Travelougue

This is a follow up to my earlier blog – “Antipodian Adventure”

I kept a daily diary of our trip in a “As it Happens” style
After re settling at home I set about transposing the text to Jutoh illustrating it with photos taken.
It is now published in EPUB format and should you wish to read it then it can be downloaded from my Dropbox here:



Ying &Yang Bandsawn Box

Bandsawn Boxes are attention seekers!
This one is no exception 🙂

It is another from Small Box Projects published by Woodworkers Journal Summer 2011

Material chosen was a block of our local Yellow Cedar (3 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ x 8″)  cut from a large butt slab.



Whilst very simple to create they usually involve at great deal of hand finishing to effectively conceal the method employed.

Ebony buttons made on the lathe make a nice feature and the interior was lined with Japanese silk.

Elegant sitting on the sideboard but not very practical, except for small stuff 🙁

Juliet’s Bombe Jewelry Box for Christmas

“Bombe” means Curved or Swelling and in this case it applies to the elegant shape of this box.

Wanting to preserve the surprise element, as Christmas gift for my daughter Juliet when we visited her in Sydney for Christmas 2011, this blog has been on hold for several months .

The details are a modified version from Small Box Projects  published by Woodworkers Journal Summer 2011, which also contains other interesting and useful box projects.

My current favourite hardwood, local Red Alder was chosen for the major parts and Western Maple for the interior boxes.

The sides front & back were first finger jointed so that the box could be assembled without glue and reworked by traversing the assembly over the table saw at an angle raising the blade 1/8″ each pass. To see more detailed info on this set up read my earlier blog Theresa’s Meditation Stool

Here you see the lower sections cut away on the table saw and the upper edge of the ends where formed on the router table. Final forming was done using planes spoke shaves and scrapers before finally sanding.


Above is a good view of lid details

The photo to the right shows off the elegant curves.
The feet are my addition made from a package of toy wheels from Michael’s which I ebonized .

The project was completed with felt and silk linings