Jutoh – Writing an Autobiography – E Book Publication tools

Sunday 27 th Nov. 2011
If you have not already done so you might benefit from reading my earlier blog
PDF’s into eBooks etc.

I down loaded trial versions of 3 programs that looked useful. KooBook Creator, Active e Book and Jutoh.
After using each to create a sample book I rejected the first two and used Jutoh to compile my bio.
You can write directly in Jutoh which has an English spell checker (F12) in the Edit tools menu.
I found it preferable to use the recommended Open Office and import the proofed text into Jutoh.
Julian Smart the author of Jutoh has written a book formatted as epub, using Jutoh, which is most helpful in getting started with the program to compile your first book. http://www.jutoh.com/book.htm

Julian emphasises the need to use styles and NOT use ad hoc formatting in Jutoh to format the imported text so that it will be compiled correctly.
Once learned this is a simple process and saves an inordinate amount of time. I made a mistake when I used the built in “comment”  style to caption my pictures – Comment is set not to appear in the compiled output epub duuuu !

I recommend that you import all your text chapter by chapter then apply the appropriate styles for:

  • chapter headings
  • sub headings
  • body text etc
  • Proof Read – Compile – Check -Edit until your completely satisfied

BEFORE ! inserting illustrations and images.

Since I wanted to illustrate my story with photos pictures and maps and I was not happy with simply inserting individual .jpeg images into the text for fear that it would become an album and less of a book. I tried many photo software offerings before discovering what the current version of Picasa is capable of. Picasa 3.8 gives you many options when creating collages.  For my purpose I used “Grid” and selected odd numbers of images most often 3 or 5 to create a suitable and interesting arrangements. Picasa stores all your collages in one folder “Collages” which makes finding them later a doddle.

Back in Jutoh now! It is time to insert your images/collages at the desired places. I created these spaces with return key stroke.  Using the Format/ insert menu insert you graphics. To caption the each with a description I created a new style named “Caption” which was formatted as: Ariel – italic, bold, underlined, and centered.

Now simply run the  Compile + Check + Launch functions in Jutoh.

A final and important note : Jutoh support – It is fantastic Julian never seems to sleep! He handled all my emailed questions often within minutes. I was so pleased with every aspect of the software that I did not hesitate to pay $39 to purchase it, even thought I may only use it this once.
Here is a link to their web site

Should you be interested in reading my bio book it may be downloaded from my dropbox

Jutoh makes epublishing extremely easy !