Hooray! hooray the first of May ! Outdoor sc**wing starts today :)

Fri. 29th April – At the end of my visit to the physio yesterday he decided that when I visit my surgeon in a couple of weeks he will give me a letter for Dr. Mazri reporting on my treatment with a recommendation for “Manipulation Under Anesthetic” as I have been stuck with less that 90 degrees range of motion for the past  three weeks. Having now reached the end of my tether sitting around, reading, resting, icing etc. and decided to do anything and everything I can = get on with life. So I have been out in the workshop a bit. In the garden we replaced the heavy tempered glass panels in the cold frame covers with greenhouse plastic as the glass is too heavy for me to lift :). Now I have no excuses, since it has been warming up just a tad after a long cool winter and late Spring.  Our Island Gem potatoes are now planted and next I need to set some plants -Summer Cabbage, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Spinach Red Sails lettuce, and seeds – Carrots, Lettuce, Peas and Runner Beans


Easter Sunday – 24th April –  5 weeks in rehab and progress continues to be s-l-o-w 🙁
I am now hobbling about more freely and have been able to do a few jobs such as cleaning up the vegetable beds both at the home and my community garden ready to put in some plants and seeds as the weather is beginning to warm up.

1980 BMW R65- Gone but not forgotten

A couple of months ago ago I decided the my motorcycling days were over. I had not ridden for two years because of the fire etc and with the knee replacement I would not be riding for a while. I am seventy and the bike was beginning to feel a heavy. So I posted it on Craig’s List and had three immediate responses. Yesterday a very happy new owner rode it away. I had also listed my Patriot kayak because getting in and out was no longer comfortable, so it a new owner. Not wanting to feel stuck when Di is “out and about” which she frequently is, I decided that something like a Honda Elite 250cc scooter would suit my personal transportation needs . I lucked out here when I found a 1985 model nearby in Nanoose with only 4725 kms on the odometer, it is in mint condition, having only had two owners, the last one for 10 years.Also being over 25 yrs old it qualifies for BC collector plates and the insurance cost will be low.

My New Scoot- Honda Elite 250cc


Looking & Booking Ahead

Tues. 12th March :  Having plenty, maybe too much, time to fill while laid up that one is inclined to look forward.  It is six years since we visited Sarah & John in Appleton and I figured they were due, so have been looking at  Amtrak train journeys for 2012 . The idea being we could make it a 3 legged trip via the  Empire Builder service Eastbound out of Seattle to Columbus WI. Then continuing to Chicago where we board the California Zephyr as far as Denver, so as to include a visit to our dear friends in Colorado before rejoining the train to Sacramento where we would ride the Coast Starlight back to Seattle. Probably 3 weeks nice eh!

I enjoy rail travel and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that quickly evolves among follow passengers and the train crews.  I have made two happy and memorable 4 day crossings of Canada. The first being on honeymoon as new emigrants in ’67 on the Expo Pullman Special train Montreal to Kamloops and again alone in ’74 when returning from UK. So just maybe in 2013 we will take another train journey across Canada to visit the North East Atlantic Coast on Via rail.

The travel guides ordered from Amazon have arrived so now to prospect the North Island of New Zealand for hidden gems.

Four weeks in Re-hab

Friday 8th April – Today I accomplished a milestone along the road to recovery. I was able to complete, with a struggle, a complete backward rotation on the exercise bike. Not much you might think to bend your knee 90 degrees, but for me it has been a struggle to get there. Having started at a low of 40 degrees I sometimes had doubts about how much range of motion I would achieve. Dian has been both a nag and very supportive, having twice done this herself.

This week also brought us closer to our TOAL ( trip of a lifetime). Just before the fire in 2008 we had booked a month long cruise to Australia with another month of exploring the vast continent but were forced to cancel it to deal with the concequential insurance issues. This week we booked our flights and car rental for 4 weeks in Australia culminating in Christmas with Juliet and grandson Louie in Sydney. Followed by three weeks exploring North Island New Zealand where I also have a cousin to visit in New plymouth.

My water colour painting and sketching is also progressing since I purchased a video tutorial series by Bob Davies of Southport UK.  It is made up of over a hundred lessons and exercises totaling 15 hrs video. Maybe in a while I will feel confident enough to post a few of my sketches. It has certainly served well to relieve the monotony of the daily  routine:  exercises – hotubs – stretching – Icing.

Faulty product or bad workmanship ?

1st April – 3 weeks Post Op. I am told that I am making good progress with re-hab. However , a good & solid nights sleep with no pain would be even better :(o.

Just when you think you have put an unpleasant experience far behind you such as a house fire, sometimes it jumps up to bite you. For example, almost exactly 3 yrs ago to the day we lost our house to a fire ( long and unhappy story ) last week Dian & I had been chiding each other to ensure the shower door was properly closed and the shower head directed appropriately because water was appearing under the door. Well it as it turned out it was neither us or the shower. After calling in Belfor, our restoration company that rebuilt our house they determined with the aid of a moisture meter and 2ndly a plumber that one of the new fittings installed had cracked , and was seeping water into the wall and under the shower. So we have endured  3 days of de-hums running 24 hrs, but now all is well and dry now 😉 When I am fit I will need to make two cover panels for the holes they punched through the drywall to gain access to the problem.