Wool & Weavers in 17th Century Wiltshire

18th January 2017

My earliest proven ancestor John Thornton born 1651 of Netton . Update: No such record can be found but thornton / ThornEtons have been found in the nearby  Bourne Valley in the village records of the Winterbournes, these lines have since been connected . He was church warden of All Saints Durrington his grave marker can be found adjacent to the church. The parish registers, dating from 1591, other than those in current use, are held in the Wiltshire Family History Society.

All Saints Durrington Wilts.

It is reasonable to conclude that he was a noteable in the parish, by both his position in the church and a having a headstone erected. His occupation is recorded as a weaver, as was his son Edward who probably inherited his father’s loom.

The wool trade the major portion of Wiltshire’s economy and wealth from earlier times . In the 17th Century

Tom Thornton’s Genealogy Vault Update

18 April 2017
Tom Thornton’s  Genealogy Vault update
Today I completed the initial build of the Munley Branch.
There are no charts included at present as I consider the best way to implement these . For now at least you can read the underlying stories while I continue to add the remaining family groups 🙂
Visit often : www.tom-thornton.ca
“The road to success is always under construction “

New Blog !

13 April 2017

We are off ! Ploughing fresh fields .

New domain – tom-thornton.ca for Tom thornton’s Genealogy Vault
with a subdomain for WordPress
New Blog site – myblog.tom-thornton.ca

The Ploughman

All day I follow
watching the swift dark furrow
that curls away from me
and care not for skies or upturned flowers

And at the end of the field
look backward
Ever with discontent
a stone or roots strayed thought
has thwarted the line of that furrow
and urge my horses ‘round again

Sometimes even before the row is finished
I must look backward
To find, when I come to the end
that I have swerved

Unappeased I leave the field
expectant, to return

The horses are very patient
when I tell myself
this time
the ultimate unflawed turning
is before my share
the must give up their rest

Someday, someday, be sure
I shall turn the furrow of all my hopes
but I shall not do it looking backward !


StudioTax for Mac – Free :)

11th April 2017

I have just filed my Canadian income tax return for the third year in a row using  StudioTax for Mac . This software is made available by a small team for free or donation. I have always been very pleased with it ease of use and this years version is absolutely amazing !

I completed and submitted our joint return in a little over half an hour .
The checking feature has been reinforced and it is NETFile integrated for 2016 .

Thanks & well done team.


Google + planting others posts on my page :((((((((((((

11th April 2017

Update ; 13th April – I have obtained a new domain name = tom-thornton.ca

which is hosted at GreenGeeks.com . This site is for my Family History .
I have also set up a sub-domain at the same location = myblog.tom-thornton.ca which is a WordPress Blog initially for our Family History News updates & topics.

I am getting tired of the seemingly ever increasing number unwanted posts Google places on my G+ page .

So I am looking to transitioning over to WordPress and host it on my own site at tom-thornton.ca hosted by GreenGeeks.com.


Brother MDC 9340 CDW – 2yrs on Replaced roller set

10 April 2017

Almost 2 1/2 years use and the print quality has deteriorated . Brother advised changing the Roller set . I opted for a generic ones from Inkjet Super Store for $140 landed vs Brother $480 including toner carts .  Crazy I only paid $350 for the new printer :(.
As in my previous blog I reload my carts with toner from InkOwl @ $70 a set of four . so this is a huge cost saving . I estimate that over the life this printer had gone thru 3 cases @ 5000 shts.  so amortising the $140 over 15,000 pages makes for super low cost laser printing .


Qick & Easy Web Builder 4 – Awsome!

3 April 2017

Quick & Easy Web builder 4 – Mac, Linux & Windows

I downloaded this software ( http://www.quickandeasywebbuilder.com/ ) about week ago as I was frustrated by the limitations of WSIWYG Website software.

I am now halfway through constructing my Family History website using it. Once I got to grips with the idea of drag & drop objects onto a page and using the inspector function to customise everything to my liking the project progressed very quickly & smoothly. There is a very good built in manual ,which I found helpful, but most helpful is the online tutorials created by the creator found here :

These I only discovered after contacting Pablo the author and they go into greater detail than the Manual.

I am a graphic oriented person so this program suits my style of working and there seems to no longer any need to learn anything but basic code.


Now Create Beautiful Websites without code – Mac

30 Mar 2017
Updated 15 April 2017

Abandoned this in favour of  WordPress 

& myblog.tom-thornton.ca

Screen shot of my Index Page

I have been wanting to create a custom website for my Family History for a long time . By custom I mean every thing how and where I want it not a predetermined one from a template . A long while ago I had Dreamweaver on a PC but have since lost those coding skills . Instead for this I have been looking for Mac WYSIWYG software to do the job .
Here is a list of those tried :

  • SeaMonkey Composer 2.46
  • BlueGriffon 2.3
Were the more successful ones Blue Griffon lacks video turorials for the upgraded version and SeaMonkey similarly.
In case you are wondering all the online web production places including Google Sites , offer only very limited choices and capabilities. Not suitable to my mind and the Genealogy sites all have high monthly fees and sell access to your to others 🙁
I created web pages with both in the WYSIWYG Blue Griffon uploaded correctly to my GoDaddy site whereas Seamonkey NOT . This may be a problem on my side with folder within folder for content 🙁
The site will have thousands of HTML pages generated by a GED to Web software to provide dynamically linked charts and lists for Genealogy data so I need to get it right !
Now the GOOD NEWS !, I found and have free trial of Quick & Easy Web Builder 4 running .
Download here:  http://www.quickandeasywebbuilder.com/index.htmlIt looked intimidating initially , but once I read the basic intro it soon began to make sense . I have graphical mind so laying out a test page to trey every conceivable “Tool” in its tool box and learning that much like Apple’s video editor FinalCutPro X every thing changes to suit your needs via the ” “Inspector” panel – just click on an object and then look at the inspector panel and change as needed – Pretty darn simple 🙂

There is a very good 225 page Manual available through the “Help”. I have found no YouTube Video Tutorials for this the current version . Personally , I think this is the missing ingredient, and that the developers are remiss in not providing this support for beginners , at $40 this a terrific piece of software . With video beginner support it would soon achieve a higher level of utilisation and Sales.

Now back to  Q&E Web Builder projects

I will blog again on how I went about planning the the site layout and will announce its launch when done .


Is the Media playing for the Terrorists – THINK!

23 Mar 2017

Yesterday terror was inflicted upon London by one man seemingly acting alone. . This kind of event has become increasingly common but stop and ask why this is ? .
I feel that the media including the BBC has become “sensational” . The BBC broadcast continuously for over 24 hours the video footage repeatedly of this 20 minute event . This serves to give the assailant a victory to the cause amplified thousands of times over and above its merit. Yes, report it as a fact, but do not dramatise it. Saturation broadcasting these atrocities is not in the best public interest and serves the very people we are trying to eradicate for their extremist views.

The terrorist’s power lies in the ability to instill fear and terrorise in society . The way we choose to cover their assaults on our society either promotes their cause or dulls the impact . So let’s begin to campaign to defeat them and refuse to play their game by minimising their ability to get us to promote and recruit to their sick cause.

By reporting in this manner the lives of those who were killed or injured are devalued , that is wrong, very WRONG !

Teen suicide is no longer reported Front Page because it was soon notice that there was a noticeable rise in teen suicides, copy cat events , when reported in this manner , a practice which has now been discontinued.

So shall we learn and apply a similar strategy as one answer the the terrorist threat ?