What every woman Wants ! – A ladies Bling Thing

28 th Mar ’14

This project grew out of carving a lovespoon as a parting gift for a fellow hospice volunteer.

I was asked to make something unique in wood for OHS’s upcoming fund raising silent auction. ┬áThe idea for this design was derived from a similar one found at Google Images which I modified by making the shape of the base compliment the upper tray.

A drilling template was made and used to achieve equi-spaced holes around the perimeter of the upper blank before turning the bowl.

To ebonize some of the finials I used black ink jet cartridge refill ink which produced an excellent solid black.

A major challenge with this design square meets curve is the fragility of the concave cross grain edges even the gentlest of tool contact is likely to tear out small but conspicuous pieces along the edge profile. This was made even more apparent with the spalted red alder and yellow cedar.

To resolve this I used the 10″ dia sanding disc on the Shopsmith to ease away edge material on 4 sides until I had 4 equal solid sharp edges. For the next ones I will try simple round turned discs in which case I should be able to achieve a much thinner and more delicate edge in which to set the ear decor. Alas, sans the lovely curves generated by the square format.





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