Vlogging- First steps

5 th December 2013

What passes for winter on this island is settling upon us in the form of a light dusting of snow today.
As mentioned in earlier blogs I enjoy working in video. This is the time of year when many of us are inclined to reflect on the fading year and write a seasonal epistle to our friends and family .
In past years this has taken many forms. Prior to acquiring my first compeer an Amiga 500 in they were hand written and a hundred or so Xerox copies mailed to distant family and friends .
With computer I was able to move up a notch and using the text editor, create a more legible typewritten document for 1993, which was photocopied onto decorated Christmas Papers. Variations on this over the past 20 years included brochure style missives. For 2002 the then new, digital-electronic e-pub format was tried with self -turning pages, but few could fathom how to open it :(O

This year I am embarking on aVlog edition  ( Video-Blog ) . Having drafted an outline of my topics I waited for clear weather and have tried twice down at “Our Beach ” to record the piece . I much prefer to shoot at outdoor locations because they have good natural lighting and attractive backdrops On the first try I had no script prepared and blew it ! At the 2nd attempt 2 days later the wind got up and drowned my voice and blew away my notes.  Now the weather has turned cold -4C, far too cold to sit on a log at the oceanside.
I will need to wait another 10 days for the weather system to move off inland and renew filming efforts or as a last resort, to recording it indoors.

8th Dec

Temperatures climbed to 0 C degrees today so  donned my arctic gear I headed back to our beach location. This time in addition to the camera and tripod, a music stand, to firmly hold my script outline now printed on heavy cover stock which I hoped would not flap in a breeze.

Success ! I have edited the shoot and now need to shoot indoors Dian & I toasting the audience.

I will post a link here : http://youtu.be/zlZjuWDLtFE

24th Dec : I have now made a DIY teleprompter : http://tomndi.blogspot.ca/2013/12/toms-telepropter-for-ipad-similar.html

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