Video Lighting – Umbrella vs Softboxes

25th January 2014

Well it turns out that my lighting kit purchase may not have been the best value for money.
Watch this video to see why I am about to build a softbox as well .

It is not all bad because I can still use the white umbrellas in the shoot through mode and the reflector ones set up so that the light source is as deep as possible inside the brolly.

Here is a link to what I think to be a good practicle DIY design :

Having been a kitemaker Ican sew well and have enough nylon fabric and carbon tubes and fittings to build one even better than this one.

I plan to use heat&bond to attach a reflective material to the 4 black panels and to mount a two lamp set up though the base plate . Also to mount the unit off the back to a camera tripod.

I will post again when completed

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