Video Lighting and Green Screen Kits

22 Jan 2014

I have several video projects in hand. These are biographical in nature – folks telling their story to the camera for the benefit of their family and grandchildren. These were started in late Summer of 2013 and shot outdoors but interrupted by my open heart surgery in September. Now I am ready to continue but Jan is unsuitable for outdoor shooting of the elderly. So I have invested ( $149 ) in a Green Screen kit and some beginner Video Lighting gear. So  that I can shoot the continuations indoors and use a technique called chroma -keying or more commonly referred to as Green Screen to add interesting and suitable backgrounds. Having made a shot test movie I am thrilled with my results.

The Kits came from “Canadian Studio” and for entry level gear I am impressed as even buying locally and sewing a green backdrop would have taken 1/2 of my outlay.
The two 7ft screen stands and a 10ft – 4 piece X-bar are quite sturdy enough and came with 3 backcloths 6ft x 9ft – Green – White & Black and included a decent a carry bag.

The lighting kit 2 – 7ft stands  2 x reflective 33″ umbrellas and 2 x translucent 33″ umbrellas 2 each light mount clamps with switches and 5500k fluorescent  lamps. Again excellent value for starters.
I have also bought a pair of silver spring hoop RV sun shades to serve as addition fill lighting aids.

A total outlay of less than $200.

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