Video – Frugal Floater II


Frugal floater II

I have been making film and video since 1985. Recently I have built a couple of variants of a DIY
Steady Cam – none worked to my satisfaction. A week ago I found on YouTube something that looked much more promising.  Named the Frugal Floater by Scott Eggelston. Additionally I found suggestions for improvement by David Langkamp. Having gathered together the recommended components I set about building the unit and along the way figured out several more improvements over the two previous designs.

Attached is link to two short video clips made with and without the damping effect of the rubber band and detail photos.

The changes to the original design are:

  1. A simpler way to retain the main bearing
  2. A simpler way to mount the Trax joint into the handle
  3. Dispensing with ugly washers and putting the counter weights inside the PVC tubes
  4. Changing the 90 degree elbow from slip fitting to a screw so the unit can be more easily dismantled for transport and storage. This also has a 2nd benefit of more easily being able to rotate the lower weight to right or left to counter balance the LCD screen when opened.

My camera is a Canon HR 200 HD – for this I used two weights made by eaosing down the threaded diameter of 5/8 UNC threaded rod on the bench grinder so it was a snug fit inside thik wall 1/2″ PVC pipe.
Top weight  being 3/ 4″ long and weighing 3/4oz
Lower weight being 3 1/2″ long weighed 3 1/4 oz

This gave me a nice range of adjustment on the slider.

Trax Adapter made by pushing two pieces of Poly Tubing one inside the other  ie 5/8″ OD and 1/2″ OD  in the Handle then pushing male the Trax male inside of this 🙂

Let me know if this works well for you !

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