Two Spoons & Bowl

Sat 7th May – This week brought to fruition a couple projects started months ago in the form of off-centre or multi axis turning projects. A technique to produce interesting combinations of blended curves on the lathe.

This pair of spoons are in Red Alder and the “love spoon” aspects were added by hand carving the double helix or barley twist handle symbolising two becoming one. The other an elegant curve terminated in a hook with a heart , a diamond, two Soul symbol’s and a piercing arrow into the bowl all taken for Welsh examples of the craft.



It has been somewhat warmer weather this week the fruit tree blossoms are just bursting forth. I finally got the veggie plants set and some seeds sown.  also I so started on a bowl to take to Australia at Christmas for our daughter Juliet. I shall probably make several and choose one. The first is one sculpted out of a large chunk of apple wood donated by a neighbour.

Apple  Roughing out  theBowl


Lancelot wood sculpting tool

The tool used for this rough-out stage is a Lancelot mounted on a 4″ dia Angle grinder. The Lancelot is comprised of a 18 links of chainsaw cutter sandwiched between two discs. I t has a phenomenal cutting rate and a matching hazard rating 🙂
I need to remove a lot more material to form the bowl inner and then shape two handles and the outer form to have a nice thin walled vessel

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