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Wed 23rd Feb – It was just beginning to snow when I lurched toward the bathroom soon after dawn this morning at about 8 O’clock . It is now past supper time and it has now almost ceased. We now have 25cm = 10″ on the patio table. It is very rare that we get any snow in the New Year let alone a dump like this and there is more in the forecast for the weekend. <I:(O)

It was a better day inside than out. The router fence was completed and did not disappoint me with its performance as I moved on the finish those 32 lock joints for the chest drawers. I even managed to glue up the 3″ deep drawers as the supplies including the magical glue resist “Waxilit” from Lee Valley were in the mail box this morning.

Progress to on another front.  Dian visited Nanaimo on Tuesday and picked  up a pair of 1/2″ &  5/16″ shoulder bolts which I cut the heads off to make a precision mandrel for mounting the Richard Joiner, Backer Plate adapter for the Pendant making projects. I am thinking now that I can work a few more prototypes on the lathe while the glue-up of the drawers and carcase of the Tool Chest proceeds over the coming days.

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