This Week = Variety

Sat 19th Feb – The carcase for the Machinist Chest in ready for glue-up but waiting for a can of “Waxilit” to arrive from Lee Valley. Waxilit is a glue resist with a water base which is applied all surfaces adjacent the joints where glue will squeeze out. It prevents the excess glue penetrating the wood in unwanted areas ie outside joint lines. It prevents the unsightly stain resistance of glue traces and makes clean up a matter simply picking of the loose glue and removing the wax with a quick scrub of mineral spirits or methylhydrate. Yesterday I set up the Richard Joiner Backer plate adapter on the lathe i made my fist couple of attempts at making pendants one from Cottonwood Bark and the other from Black Walnut. Both were quite satisfactory so I went to a local supplier “Counter Measures” and scrounged up some scrap Corian pieces to try. Next I move to make a prototype of the drawers for the tool chest . Instead of following the drawings I decided on trying Lee Valleys Small Lock Joint method using their special router bit . This worked fine but material thickness of the sides and back is a bit skinny for this to work best. ?? So I will try another following the tongue and groove method as drawn.

 First & 2nd Pendants Cottonwood Bark top and Black Walnut lwr .

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