Theresa’s Meditation Stool – Christmas Gift 2010

Yelow Cedar Log

I recieved a nudge for my eldest daughter Theresa as to “Why my Meditation Stool is not on your Blog” ? 🙁
Earlier in 2010 she had asked me to make her a meditation stool and pointed me to a spot on the web where three plain planks were offered for $80 . Having seen what she wanted decided that I could do better  🙂

Below are the pictures of what turned out to be her Yellow Cedar Christmas Gift. Yellow Cedar has spiritual significance to certain Eastern Religions.
It was designed to be carried flat in a suitcase for delivery to UK hence a sliding dovetail joint between base and seat.

Dishing the seat with gouges


Fitting the sliding dovetail joint
Kitchen Screes project in background


Sculpted base
Ready for carving detail


Outdoor quilter

Lotus blossom


Preirced Perpetual knot with climbing Roses

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