The Twig Pot – Garry Robberts Inspired




Sunday May 27th

Hamstead House sell end of line books at a significant discount from a monthly catalogue. One that I ordered recently ” The Art of Fine Woodturning” by Garry Roberts inspired me to try to replicate one of his designs as a gift for my daughter in Appleton. This is a fabulous book of designs which I found to be inspiring – ISBN 0-8069-8709-X .

I followed his recommended process for a hollow flask starting with a 2″ thick plank of Red Alder cut to 10″ sq. An 8″ dia circle is centred on both faces and a 2″ dia hole drilled with forstner bit @ top dead centre. The curly shaving being carefully saved. Next a plug in a black walnut was turned to a snug fit in the block and bored through 1″ dia. and finally glued in place. Now I sliced the block to 1″ thick and refaced the sawn faces on the planer and the previously drawn circles used to guide the cut two disks on the bandsaw.

The first disk blank was mounted on a waste block with double sided turning tape and centred with the original compass point. The initial shaping is done with the blank supported with a running centre in the tailstock. Note: the outside face of the disk is shaped first and the outer rim rounded over. Sand finish outer face. The disk is then removed from the waste block , fresh tape applied and reverse mounted  in the same manner and hollowed to about 3/16″ wall thickness.

The process is repeated for the second blank and when completed the first platter is brought back and after a dry fit and careful alignment of the grain glued to the still mounted 2nd platter glued with light pressure applied by the tailstock until set and cured.

Now the joint line is carefully cleaned up using the lightest of cuts and sand out  before cleaning up the centre portion that was under the waste block tape. flip the assembly over and finish the other side to match. Apply your favourite finish.

The surface design was laid out using masking tape and the shallow groove cut with sanding drum and disks.

Circle Design – Hollow Twig Pot


I don’t usually use high lustre finishes but this project seemed to call for one so I applied  multitudes of coats of Tung Oil with  the usual fine sand and buff between each coat.

Unable to find 1/16″ dowel for the twig stems I used  fibreglass rod and since the flower/shaving are fragile I also made a couple of finials styled after watching Cindy Drozer on You-Tube.

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