Telus a tale of many Woes !

I decided to switch ISP’s because of slow & intermittent Internet issues with Shaw. However, after just a couple of days wrestling over the phone with Telus Tech Support I began to question my judgement.  Three days later and over 7 hrs tech support and still failing to be able to set up the router and my email client, Mozilla Seamonkey on 3 computers PC desktop, iPad and MacBook Pro I gave up the struggle and  phoned Shaw  who have eagerly agreed to restore my services within 24 hrs Now that is Service ! 🙂

One of the issues is that there is no easy or quick access to Telus Help. All my weight times were upwards of 1/2 hour. The phone line was so awful  that often I was unable to hear the Telus agent clearly enough to understand instruction.

Telus’s current claim is that ” The Future is Friendly”  I can assure you that Telus is any thing but !
To make matters worse their customer service and attitude is abysmal ! They have no notion of the meaning of service ! When they ought to be reading my earlier Ecstatic Customers Blog –;postID=7532250196280568962;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=29;src=postname

TomT – Happy to be eating my humble pie 🙂

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