Small Gift Presentation Box – Easy to make :)

Having made a “Lovespoon ” as a wedding gift for my next door neighbour. I thought that I would try to make a “Presentation Gift Box” for the spoon. My friend “Feather George” makes beautiful presentation boxes for his carved feathers.
Chat with George –

I thought I might try a simpler style.

The spoon is carved from a piece of Western Curly Maple floorboard .Steve, the groom, owns a wood flooring manufacturing business using only native species grown on the Vancouver Island. For the box I chose another of his woods Red Alder two pieces 3/4″ thick  x 3 1/2″ wide 10 1/2″ long.

First I re-sawed a 3/16 thick slice off of each face of the first piece. These will become the bottom and top faces. I then traced the outline of the spoon centred on the 2nd piece and cut out the centre on my scroll saw. The outer will be later glued to the bottom to form the shaped recess for the spoon. The edges of both portions were then dressed and sanded smooth. The cut-out centre was now sliced to 3/16″. The slice will be attached to the top /lid to form a register.

As and added tough I decide that if I used coloured veneer at the joints I could better disguise the joint lines and add a sparkle to the project. Black for the bottom and red for the top which will also face to the inside of the registration piece.

The lid was to be secured by embedding magnets in the undurside of the lid with two opposing poles set in the base.  1/8″ dia x 1/8″ long rare earth magnets were placed by drilling the 1/8
‘dia holes from the underside of the base profile before attaching the veneered bottom and penetrating to only 1/10″ deep the lid. This method insured that the magnets would be aligned.
Hindsight 🙂 I would recomend a slightly larger magnet  -3/16 or perhaps 1/4″ for more secure lid attachment.

After gluing up, the box was trimmed down to a final 1/16″ side wall thickness to give in a more light and airy feel. Finished to 600 grit and several coats of Tung Oil applied.

A ” Feather George” Feather & Box
Components – lid -profiled mid section, base


Before glue-up


1/8″ rare earth Magnets =too small 🙁  Use 1/4″next time


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