Shopsmith Product Improvements

27 the May 2012

My current SS is a 1984 and my 2nd. They have served my small shop well. Being an apprenticed machinist I know that every task requires a machine set-up  it matters little whether you have a large shop full of single purpose machinery or a Shopsmith and a good tablesaw. You still have to set or re-set the machine for the task in hand. Space is a premium for me and I am more than satisfied with what i can achieve with a SS 🙂

However, since the machine has been around for so long the designers were sloth in introducing much needed improvements. One that remained unresolved for a long time was the availability of a hand wheel to elevate or lower the main table and lathe tool rests instead of the quirky handle that always seems to be in the wrong position. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

Today I made my own handwheel 🙂

On a scrap of 3/4″ plywood with a compass I laid out the 5″ dia on this PCD  & marked twelve equi-spaced points which were drilled out with a 1″ forstner bit.
At the centre I next laid out the 5 lobe centres on a   5/8″ PCD and drilled each to 9/32″ dia. The remaining centre was removed and the aperture filed to fit the machines lobed pinion lock.
Lastly on the bandsaw the original 5″ PCD circle was cut and dressed to finish with a 3/32″ round over bit in the router on all edges.

Tool rest clearance – OK 🙂



Table clearance – Just!


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