Searching .pdf files Mac – Family History etc.

19th Jan 2017

SKIM .PDF Tool for Mac.

Plunging again into Thornton Family history in Wiltshire UK. I have just purchased and downloaded two CDs of data from the Wiltshire Family History Society sales point – Genfair. These are massive .pdf files of over 11,000 pages . which raises the question is there a search tool to avoid scrolling through the entire document ?.
For my Mac I found “SKIM” and tried it ┬áis Awsome !!

Skim is a viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files, intended for easy reading and studying PDF documents.
You can search PDF files, bookmark them, add notes, highlight sections, and take “snapshot” for easy reference. Skim can also open PostScript (PS) files, converting them to PDF.
In addition, with Skim you can fully concentrate on reading the PDF file in a powerfull full screen mode, or give full screen presentations of your PDF file.


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