RV- Trail Lite 17 Cabinet improvements .

21st April 2016

Last fall we sold the Boler and purchased our 2nd Trail Lite 17. The kitchen cabinetry layout is economic and inefficient in using the space under the stove.

Taking a closer look I realized that by removing the two doors and making deep drawers on proper slides we could more than double the useful space and improve the access. Closer examination showed the opportunity to put a 31/2″ deep drawer immediately under the stove for cutlery etc.

The results are best illustrated with the pictures below.
The drawer dimensions are :
Lower – 24″ w x 12″h x 18″ deep.
Middle – 24″ w x 10 3/4″h x 18″ deep.
Top – 18″ w x 3 1/2″ h x 18″ deep

The lower drawer is stepped to clear the wheel arch and also has a sliding drawer insert approx. 23″ w x 4″ h x 9″ deep.



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