RUST BULLET -Black Shell Painting a Utility Trailer



My Snow Bear utility trailer is over 10 years old and having sat out in all weathers was looking quite “Tatty” lots of surface rust. She who must be obeyed recommended that I clean it up as it was a disgrace to the neighbourhood sat on the front drive 🙂

Researching what was a good affordable and durable paint I found  Black Hard Shell by Rust Bullet which in Canada can be ordered from :

Pitted Rust exposed

The material comes in a can and it is advisable to also order a small amount of its solvent. As the paint is near impossible to remove from skin or other surfaces once splashed on without the proper solvent. The paint comes with a complex application data sheet and cautions prepared by their lawyers I think.

I prepaired the trailer by dismantling as much a practicle  and abrading the rusted surfaces with a wire wheel on my angle grinder. The manufacturer does not suggest thorough prep but just remove loose stuff.
The paint was then applied with a 2″ brush . It deos not go on like ordinary paint it is a lot thinner soaking into any porous area = Rust patches. It also dries really quickly ! So plan how you are going cover the larger areas without getting lap marks.

It is now several months on and the finish is standing up very well, looks nice a bright and shine to 🙂
The real test of course will be to see how it looks after a couple of West Coast Winters.

12 mths & a long wet winter later it looks terrific 🙂

A quart with solvent and shipping came to approx $100 and I still have some left over after painting a 4 x 8 Snowbear Trailer . –

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