Easter Sunday – 24th April –  5 weeks in rehab and progress continues to be s-l-o-w 🙁
I am now hobbling about more freely and have been able to do a few jobs such as cleaning up the vegetable beds both at the home and my community garden ready to put in some plants and seeds as the weather is beginning to warm up.

1980 BMW R65- Gone but not forgotten

A couple of months ago ago I decided the my motorcycling days were over. I had not ridden for two years because of the fire etc and with the knee replacement I would not be riding for a while. I am seventy and the bike was beginning to feel a heavy. So I posted it on Craig’s List and had three immediate responses. Yesterday a very happy new owner rode it away. I had also listed my Patriot kayak because getting in and out was no longer comfortable, so it a new owner. Not wanting to feel stuck when Di is “out and about” which she frequently is, I decided that something like a Honda Elite 250cc scooter would suit my personal transportation needs . I lucked out here when I found a 1985 model nearby in Nanoose with only 4725 kms on the odometer, it is in mint condition, having only had two owners, the last one for 10 years.Also being over 25 yrs old it qualifies for BC collector plates and the insurance cost will be low.

My New Scoot- Honda Elite 250cc


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