RC Sailing – New hull skin material = A Great find !

16th Oct ’14

I have been researching building super light versions of Wee Nips along the lines of the boys at Bayside NSW. They are using 1/64″ aircraft plywood . Where I live this material is not readily available and expensive to have shipped into Canada. While looking at Arborite and Formica web pages this week I discovered ” Cabinet Liner ” laminate . It is .026″ thick and comes in 48″ x 96″ ( 4 ‘ x 8 ‘ ) sheets 32 sq ft for $20 . A full sheet weighs 6 lbs 2 oz = 98 oz that is just 3.0625 oz / sq ft.

Having built my first boat from similar material twice as thick I am sure that this will prove to be a near perfect hull skin material . It bends and twists easly and is very strong and being hard faced will not require additional finishing or fibre glassing. CA = super glue works well for the initial joining.

I will add more info when I have completed my first hull.


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