Radio Controlled Model Sailboats – Footy & Wee Nip

25th July ’14

RC Footy Bottle Boat

This project started with a “Footy Pop Bottle Boat ” which is a class of RC Sailboat requiring the hull to fit in a 12 x 12 x 6 ” box all else is acceptable. It did sail worth a dam . Next I decided to build a Footy to a specific plan – The imported radio parts for this have be stuck in Canada customs over six weeks :()

I next looked on the web for easy to build boat a bit bigger ( onefootitis ) and found the “WEE NIP” a Strathclye class boat designed by Graham Bantock specifically for young people to make and enjoy being simple , inexpensive , and reliable. I sent to UK for the How to DVD and printed off a set of plans downloaded from the web here –

My first boat is well under way the hull being cut from a sheet of .043 thick Aborite aka Formica that I had lying around. I managed to find some aluminium bolts suitable for mast and booms and will be to the original design fitted with a Una Rig sail arrangement. The keel and rudder fashioned from .100 thick aluminium sheet and the 830 gram bulb fabricated from  .o8 thick lead flashing from a roofing supplier.

A second one is planned using .040 sheet styrene and will I think be lighter with wood fabricated Fin & Rudder and is MkII  version as per Abingdon MYC which can use either Bermuda rig or a Swing rig.

Pictures and progress report Here :

Having got through the initial testing = no leaks , and sailed the Wee Nip just once in the sea off Gabriola Island with the Una rig I am delighted with my effort. However, the Boatyard is temporarily closed while I concentrate on making our recently purchase a 1974 Boler Camping trailer “Ours “.

Here :

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