Progress on the Quail

On Sunday I took another 3 hr. session with my power carving tutor Jim in Cowichan Bay.
This one focused on refining the bird into more anatomically correct form. Jim is trying to turn novices into proficient avian carvers by getting us to see and translate the information on the drawings accurately to the piece. Next week we will be refining the head and adding wing detail.

Forming the rounded body profile

Meanwhile I worked in the shop. Not being content with the crappy plastic fence which came as part of my router table I decided that to do a more precise job of making the drawers for the tool chest I would begin be making a proper router fenc. It needed to be longer, straighter and completely rigid with an ease of accurate adjustment and much taller to better handle tall work pieces such as drawer components.

2-Way Router Fence Back – Can be flipped over for lower profile
Hi-Side Router Fence

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