Practical vs Petite

4 th Feb – Today we visited the larger settlement to the South (Nanaimo). The purpose was to trade the teeny weeny seldom used mobile phone for one of a more practical design. The DORO was chosen. No idea what this acronym might represent but for Dian it means big keys and extra loud volume flip phone with a screen that you can actually read at arms length. “Designed for the senior crowd” the salesman said “That’s us” I replied. Heck they even moved the sim card out of the micro into the larger cousin so we did not loose or $160 subscription :). Now Dian just needs to figure out how to input the phone numbers of the chosen few who may eventually be called upon in case of an emergency .

A design has been chosen for the Pergola and I have sent off to Lee Valley for the plans along with a scorp to finish off some spoon carving

Pergola to be made in Red Cedar with stain finish

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