Pergola Plans & Tool Chest -3

Fri 11th Feb – A month to go to my knee replacement and the plans for the pergola arrive. So I’ll sit and study them to figure out the cedar lumber that I will  need to ask John to supply.
The Tool Chest carcase progressed with running the  four jointed panels through thickness planer then rough sanded and cut to final dimensions.

The hold up has been that the table saw had been blown over and was misaligned.
I have a 10′ x10′ roll out awning on the front of the shop so that I can work outdoors even when raining. This makes the most use of my small shop. However, last Monday we endured a violent wind storm and it was strong enough to upend the table saw left standing outside. It had taken quite a bash so I took time to dismantle the saw down to the motor unit and check the alignment of every component. Today when squaring the end of the carcase boards I found that the sliding table to be off parallel with the blade :(O . So I removed sliding table and re-set first the rails then set true 90º for the cross fence.
I was able to proceed  and route the 3/16′ x 3/16″ mortice’s on the inside faces.

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