On being Re-Kneed

Friday 18th March – We arrived home four days ago, that being 5 days post operative as they say in hospital lingo. I would say that overall not too much pain but with peaks of severity that make it difficult to manage. This is brought on by the fluid pressure around the new joint which inhibits flex. The leg is rather like one of those New Years Eve blowing toys which when blown sufficiently hard unwinds the feathered tube and when fully extended shriek’s a loud whistle. Sleep is much disturbed by pain and potty runs but as all else is improving daily. Two visits to the physio (PT) have significantly improved flexation, mobility, and confidence. I will have the staples removed a week today and I am told to expect even larger strides after thatย  ๐Ÿ™‚

One of the alarming things learned during my stay was the very poor standards of PT on my two floors. In the first case they told my the wrong way to get maneuver into or out of bed. 2ndly the lass sent to transfer me into a wheel chair didn’t know how to remove adjust or replace the leg/ foot plates.

OK a minor thing ! But when I saw with my own eyes how poorly the Engineering profession is serving the needs of the Medical I was disgusted. I mentioned this to my brother Michael who told me that he recently had a similar experience when he took his wife’s Uncle out for a day in a wheelchair around Gosport.
In both cases the design of the basic wheelchair which had about twice the number of needed components was cumbersome, unnecessarily heavy, and thus expensive to produce. Perhaps even more important did not serve the occupant or the escort at all well. Compare this with the elegant functionality that comes with a modern 21speed bike for $200 and we engineers should banished in disgrace until a significant improved design can be offered with humble apologies for our dereliction. I shall be raising this with my nephew Kevin who is the designer and owner of “Clickgear” $200 sophisticated Golf Cart

Clickgear golf cart

I think he has the design ability and facility to lead the world in medical transportation and mobility aids. ComeOn Kev ! this is right up your street ๐Ÿ™‚ Give us some more of your “Pure and Simple” elegant work.

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