On becoming the newest Septuagenariian

1st Feb 2011 – Accumulating a wealth of birthdays does bring happiness.  Now having 70 in hand I am happy to be well occupied waiting for the next one :).  Meanwhile there is much pleasure to be had if one troubles to engage with friends or strangers.  Following my interests further enlarges the circle and nourishes my creativity. This is what I so much enjoy about being retired. My time and timetable is my own, what I do or don’t do is my whim. To this add the company of my “soul mate” Dian who is the essence of this happy home. Yes! I am very very happy to be seventy. Having I believe, lived in the best of times.

70th Birthday

Contrasting my birthday yesterday, in Stanmore, a suburb of Sydney, a small boy had the life changing experience of “His first Day at School” Juliet’s report of the fearful day for the lad brought a tear to my eye with faint recollection of a similar introduction to school 65 years ago. He told his Mum that he said that “He felt shy and didn’t want to be there – he felt lonely!”

I am sure that in coming days he will adapt, find friends and he will become more far comfortable and enjoy joining in the activities and he won’t feel lonely.

Louie – 1st Day @ School

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