Michael’s 67 Birthday Gift

25th January 2014

My brother Michael will reach his 67th birthday tomorrow.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to create something special instead of the usual short lived birthday card. Over past several weeks I have been improving my skills with Apple Final Cut Pro X and its sister software Motion 5 and Compressor. These are pro-am video creation tools for Mac.

First in Motion I created a 10 second lead-in title and exported it as .mov file.
With my newly acquired Green Screen kit I shot a short personal monologue.
These were then imported into a new project in FCPX .
Additional Media downloaded were the opening song “Happy Birthday Michael”
( http://www.1happybirthday.com ) ,
Fluttering Union Flag ( http://www.netanimations.net/United-Kingdom-Flags-Waving-gif-animations.htm  ) ,
Filling a Glass of wine animation ( http://vimeo.com/15994563 )
Oceanside Background (  ? )

These were all combined in FCPX to create the 2 min 30 sec movie :

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