Medtronic Heart Monitor – Upgrade Issues

26th July 2016

Powerline Adapter

Earlier this month I received the following notice :

I began by investigating what I need to do and what the offered options were.
What I found was very alarming because in their present form none of them was workable for my situation .Currently, the metatronic reporting device which collects data from my ICD is located in my bedside cabinet and is plugged into a 110v wall outlet and our telephone line through which it transmits reports to Royal Jubilee ICD Clinic in Victoria. The above notice does not spell out the fact that they withdrawing the phone line .

I live in area with no cell phone service. My internet cable and router are at one end of my house and the bedroom at the other about 50 ft away. It is possible but very expensive to rewire the house and run an internet cable to the bedside so what alternatives are there ?

Medtronic tell me they have none ! but are “HOPING” to have something by year end of the year when they will cut the phone line service. This I think is evidence of shortsightedness and and lack of understanding of rural living .

In looking for a wireless solution I find this :

This a called a Powerline Adaptor and works as a sort of relay that sends data to your router via the 110v household wiring = Brilliant!

What does this mean ?

It means that an off the shelf solution is available product for $50 can be used to plug in the free Metatronic upgrade device ( WireT – WiRET internetAcessory ) to send reports much as before 🙂 so where are Medtronics brains ?

Metatronics has demonstrated that it is a brilliant company, capable of delivering phenomenal medical devices which extend our lives, but in this case fails to understand the needs of their clients or be capable of implementing solutions to the problems they create out of their ignorance of life out in the larger world .

Sad really ! When a solution is already out there  and readily available !

I hope this helps others affected by these changes.

PS: As soon as I receive my upgrade device from Metatronic I will test and confirm the installation works .


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