Machinist’s Tool Chest -2

Wed 9th Feb : You can  buy these things on the web they come in two sorts. one being made in the orient and are approximately $100 and up the others are the original Gerstner 41D @ $780 in cherry.  I have spent about 10 hrs making the Lee Valley version and I am guessing that I am only 1/8th done so even at the seemingly high price they good value for time spent and this does not include about $60 for the required hardware.
By “happy hour” this evening I had the front and back frames and their panels ready for glue up tomorrow. Also the four wide panels ( top bottom & two sides ) are glued and sized. ready to be finger jointed. All the drawer components also are ready for final machining jointing and rabbeting for their bottoms.
Price won’t come into the end product it will be an heirloom 🙂

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