Mac Yosemite – Moving the home folder to a 2nd Drive – Simplified !

23 Dec 2015

My Mac mini was purchased as a server version with 2nd 1Tb internal HDD.  I have been using the 2nd 1 TB drive as the BU for the Mac HD. using TimeMachine.
Currently I am running Yosemite 10.10.5 – El Capitan looks to be too probematical with many apps including FinalCutProX
I do a lot of video work so having plenty of free HDD space is important for smooth running .

My user folder has grown to around 300GB which caused me concern about having enough free space for the system to run efficiently.

I decided that I should clean off the 2nd drive and move my users folder there creating plenty of additional space on the main drive ( System )

When I went to the web seeking tutorial guides to do this they all used “terminal” .  I am not comfortable using code so opted to take it to a local Mac dealer ” My Tech Guys ” in Courtney .  Big mistake – They said they knew how to do this but after 2 days the told me that they had run into problems and needed to do a clean reinstall and try again . I received the Mini back today and it was in the same state as when it left but with $150 invoice attached 🙁
They have not been in the least apologetic or willing to reimburse me for the extra charges . Needless to say I will not be returning there !

I scanned the web again and found this tutorial :

This is a very simple and easy to follow process but first make sure you make a current back-up before you start – Just in case 🙂

This worked perfectly form me and took less than 10 mins of actually sitting at the computer. I now have 400GB of headroom on the Mac HD System Drive.

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