Lathe Duplicator Shop Built for Shopsmith

After finding an article by Jim Wilson – I was inspired to build a duplicator for my Shopsmith.

The idea of a simple duplicator came to mind aftter seeing a set of European wooden nativity scene figures that were made entirely from turned shapes. I thought this simple duplicator would be perfect to produce several sets.
With the Shopsmith I am able to mill and cut aluminium so the tool carrier was made from a billet of 1/2′ material 7 1/2″ x 4″ alloy which was mounted to the base made from 4″ x 4″ x 1/4 alloy angle with 3- 1/4″ UNC machine screws. Since I had 5/16″ sq  x  4″ HSS tool stock I used this and cut a slat .300″ deep to locate the tool bar.
The template follower was made by drilling a #10-32 bolt to accept an expired metal ball point.

Thimble Template


Template Follower


Setting datum point to material

To try out the set up a compiled the best features several sewing or mending kit designs and made templates for  from 1/8″ thick sheet acrylic. I was quite pleased with the results. However, further refinement is required as I used an offcut of countertop for the table but discovered that it was not true flat causing some tool wobble/chatter so I will remake that part using 2 layers of 3/4″ cabinet grade ply.

7 wooden men


Detail view 4 components


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